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All courses are Stated Approved. All classes are in Spanish and English because our driving school instructors are Bilingual.

Please note that payments for classes are made in ‘Cash’ only.

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We are proudly offering driving school courses in Volusia & Seminole Counties!

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3 & 3 Course

This course is for those who have had three (3) accidents within three(3) years. It requires that an individual must complete the twelve (12) hour ADI course. Please note that the driver’s license must not already be suspended. Upon completion, an individual must complete four (4) hours Behind the Wheel and then complete an extended Road Test.

4 Hour – Drug & Alcohol Course

This course is mandatory for anyone in the State of Florida who wants to get a Florida Driver’s Permit and/or Drivers License. All participants must be 15 yrs of age and older.

4 Hour – Basic Drivers Improvement Course (BDI)

This course can only be taken for a recent citation, an individual must have 30 days to pay the ticket. This individual will need to let the State of Florida know that they intend to take the course so the points do not get added to their driver’s license. To all potential participants, please be aware that this course can only be taken once every 12 months unless by a Judge’s order. If an individual with an CDL can not take this course unless the Judge approves it.

8 Hour – Aggressive & Defensive Driving Course

This course is Judge Ordered. It was designed for those individuals who have received too many citations or who have taken too many 4 Hour BDI courses. 

12 Hour – Advanced Drivers Improvement Course

This Course is Judge Ordered driving course. It is for those individuals who have or are about to get their license suspended due to 12 Points in 12 Months. Also, this course is also for Habitual Traffic Offenders. In most cases, an individual can apply to get a Hardship License to get to and back from work if Judge approves it.

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Behind the Wheel – In-Car Lessons – Driving School Courses

What the Deltona Driving School (The Original Driving School in Deltona Florida) will do. We will pick you up at the house and do driving lessons for 90 minutes. A student can do individual lessons or choose one of our packages:

  • Package 1: Four (4) Driving Lessons
  • Package 2: Five (5) Driving Lessons
  • Package 3: Six (6) Driving Lessons **

** Package 3 is the only package that includes a certificate to apply for a discount on your insurance once the student gets their driver’s license. Please call for prices.

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